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Designed and developed by GeoViet Consulting (, theRWSS Investment Information Page is a Web-based database to support the RWSSP Coordination Unit in administering, updating and sharing nationwide investment information in rural water supply and sanitation. Overall objective is to provide government agencies, investors and funding organizations (including donors and INGOs) a reliable database, based on which to plan and to call for needed investment in rural water supply and sanitation contributing to more effective implementation of the National RWSS strategy and programme till 2020.
Main Functionalities
Integrally connected with database and with Web interfaces in English and Vietnamese, theRWSS Investment Information Page composes of following components and functions:
- System administration and user’s management.
- RWSS investment data entry, updating and data compilation as provided by provinces / cities and international funding organizations.
- Data consolidation and RWSS Investment report generation in forms of tables, charts and web-maps.
- Web-mapping module for managing the base maps and administrative maps (down to district level) and linking to investment data.
- Query for investment information at provincial level by location, by year, by activity areas, by funding sources and investment information at project level. Query for international funding by provinces and donors. Export the querried information to common format to use such as Excel and JPG.
- Short introduction to the system.
Designed with “open architecture”, the system is expandable to accommodate for future needs and for exchanging with other database systems related to RWSS.
Note on Investment Data stored in this Page
The RWSS investment information presented in this Page were compiled from data provided by provincial DARDs, pCerwass and CPM and from international funding organizations responding to the prepared sets of questionnaires (“Phieu dieu tra dau tu CN&VSNT cho So NNPTNT.xls”; “Phieu dieu tra dau tu CN&VSNT cho pCERWASS.xls”, “Phieu dieu tra dau tu CN&VSNT cho TT YTDP tinh.xls" and "Questionnaire for RWSS Investment Mapping (Donors).xls”). This valuable information is very useful for the planners and potential investors in drawing macro-level picture of the RWSS investment over the years, but should be used with care. As the above provincial agencies can only provide information on RWSS investment under their authorities, the information is therefore may not be complete. The possible omission or double counting are the investments through poverty-reduction programs with RWSS components such as P134, P135… or centrally-managed projects (across provinces)
Reference and Technical Support more information on objective, process, data sources, the meaning and reliability of the RWSS investment data administered in this Page
For technical support, please contact GeoViet Consulting Co. Ltd. at Tel. (+84-4) 6269-8551 or email:

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