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1Ministry of Agriculture and rural development - Centre for Rural water supply and environmental saniLe Thieu Soncerwass@fpt.vn73 Nguyen Hong, Dong Da, Hanoi04 835 5821Le Thieu Son
2Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development - Department of Water resources - National target Program II Standing OfficeHa Thanh Hanghangnamkl@yahoo.com2 Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi04 733 5708 
3Ministry of Health - Centre of Communication and Health educationDang Quoc Vietgdsk@hn.vnn.vn366 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi04 832 8992 
4Ministry of Health - Vietnam Health environment management agencyTran Dac Phutdpmoh@yahoo.com135 Nui Truc, Hanoi04 843 0040 
5Ministry of Education and Training - Department of Student and pupil affairsNguyen Thi Dai Co Viet, Hanoi04 869 4029Nguyen Thi Son
6Ministry of Construction - Department of urban infrastructureNguyen Tuong Le Dai Hanh, Hanoi04 976 0271Nguyen Tuong Van
7Asian Institute of Technology Centre in VietnamAmrit Bartbart@ait.asiaB3, UTC, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Hanoi04 37669493 
8Centre for Environmental Engineering of Towns and Industrial Areas,Hanoi University of Civil EngineeringNguyen Viet Anhvietanhctn@yahoo.com55 Giai Phong Road, Hanoi04 869 8317 
9Division of Water Supply and Sanitation, Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Hanoi University of Civil EngineeringNguyen Viet Anhvietanhctn@yahoo.com55 Giai Phong Road, Hanoi04 869 8317 
10Center for Environmental Technology & Sustainable Development Hanoi University of SciencePham Hung Vietvietcetasd53@yahoo.com334 Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi04 858 7964 
11Institute of Environmental Technology - Vietnamese Academy of Science and TechnologyNguyen The Dongngtdong@fpt.vn18 Hoang Quoc Viet Road, Cau Giay, Hanoi04 756 9135 
12Bremen Overseas Research and Development AssociationMs. Kieu Ly Doandoan@borda.deRoom 210, Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, 171 Tay Son, Ha Noi04 3762 9580 
13Care International In VietnamMr. Peter Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi04 716 1930 
14Childfund VietnamTran Thi Kieu, tran_kieuhanh@yahoo.com10th Floor, 59 Quang Trung, Hanoi04 726 1141 
15Church World ServiceMs. Agneta Dau Block, La Thanh Hotel, 218 Doi Can04 832 8569 
16East Meets West FoundationMs. Nguyen Thi Minh Chauminhchau.nguyen@eastmeetswest.orgNo. 1, Lane 40, Linh Lang, Ba Dinh, Hanoi04 3834 7790 
17Swiss Organization for International DevelopmentDaniel Valenghihelvetas@hn.vnn.vn298F (109-112) A2 Van Phuc, Kim Ma, Hanoi04 843 1750 
18International Development Enterprises, VietnamNguyen Van Quangquang@idevn.orgNo. 22, Lane 178, Thai Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi04 514 7801 
19LienAidMs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hanttha@lienaid.orgSuite 404, Building 1, Dinh Le Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi04 3776 5548 
20PATHVo Xuan Hoahvo@path.orgPATH, Room 201, Hanoi Towers, 49 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi0983 757 619 / 04 3936 2215 
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